Masha Kaprian, iMedPages Owner, Speaker at “Immigration Eval Training & Healthcare Marketing” Event

Masha Kaprian, an accomplished digital marketing expert in the healthcare sector and owner of iMedPages, took center stage as a featured speaker at the “Insights into Immigration Law and Healthcare Marketing Excellence” event. With over a decade of experience and a dual major in accounting and business administration, specializing in supply chain management, Masha has uniquely focused on advancing mental health businesses and making mental health services more accessible.

Masha’s diverse background has seen her successfully navigate the marketing efforts of various healthcare entities, ranging from local practices to nationwide organizations, events, and products. Her expertise lies in leading a proficient team rooted in data-backed results, with a focus on customer acquisition, engagement, retention, and revenue generation.

The training session led by Masha delved into critical aspects of online presence and marketing, offering participants valuable insights into leveraging digital strategies to enhance visibility and connect with peers in the healthcare industry for mutual growth. The objectives and talking points of the session included:

Online Presence and Marketing

  • Appoint an Online Presence
  • Developing a Trustworthy Brand
  • Utilizing Digital Strategies
  • Client Testimonials and Success Stories

Building a Professional Network

  • Introduction to Networking
  • Identifying Key Stakeholders
  • Building Genuine Relationships
  • Networking Events and Platforms
  • Referral Sources 

Masha Kaprian’s expertise in these areas provided attendees with actionable strategies to enhance their healthcare marketing efforts. The interactive session allowed for direct engagement, enabling participants to ask questions and gain personalized insights into their unique challenges.

iMedPages, under Masha Kaprian’s leadership, continues to be at the forefront of innovative healthcare marketing, emphasizing accessibility and inclusivity. The company’s commitment to leveraging digital strategies aligns with the new trends of healthcare services, ensuring that mental health businesses can thrive and reach those in need more effectively.

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